Bicycle Touring: Turku-Stockholm Ferry

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At 4 am, I finally went to the ferry ticket office in which I asked yesterday about the ferry ticket. I thought that near that place where the ferry tickets were sold would be the check-in for cars, motorcycles, and cyclists. Upon arrival, I learned that the landing will be at around 4:30 AM and I still have to wait more than 20 minutes.

To my surprise, there was a Seaport Hotel at the Viking Line Terminal. It’s looked like a waiting terminal, I went inside to check if can sit there and it worked. Nobody kicked me out and I was sitting there for 30 minutes at the table near the entrance, also, I was able to use WC.

30 minutes before landing, I went outside and saw a huge ferry. I thought that entrance to the check-in for cars was somewhere near, but I was horrified to find that check-in for those who are on bicycle, car, and a motorcycle is completely at the other end. To get there, it was necessary to cycle back.

Viking Line Terminal: Turku

On the screenshot below you can see the location of the Viking Line check-in for cars/motorcycles/bicyclists in Turku, Finland. Best Western Hotel Seaport – this is the place where I was sitting 30 minutes. In front of the hotel is the Viking Line Terminal where you can buy ferry tickets (Ensimmäinen linja 8, 20100 Turku, Finland). Also, there is a check-in for people without a car/bicycle/motorcycle.

Viking Line Cargo – this is the place where is the check-in for cars/motorcycles/bicyclists.

Cycling in Finland: Viking Line check-in

Fortunately, the road signs were everywhere and I reached the check-in for cars without problems. I showed my ticket on the smartphone’s screen and got a paper ticket and a special “card” with some letter that I was told to hang on the bike.

On its way Turku-Stockholm, the ferry stops at the Åland Islands. Therefore, this card is needed so that the ferry workers can tell you where to place your bike/car/motorcycle. Those who go to Aland Islands should place their bikes closer, and those who go to Stockholm further. But the staff on the ferry will tell you where to put the bike. When you put your bike, hang up a card with a letter somewhere on the bike.

By the way, it is very desirable to have some straps with the help of which you can secure the bicycle or lock the brakes. The place where my and other bicycles were standing was very uncomfortable (actual for Viking Line), I was lucky that I got a place by the wall and I was able to lean my bike on the wall and secure my bicycle with straps to the nearest pipe.

It is very desirable to have a kickstand on the bike, but I did not have it. Without a kickstand, your bike will be held in a special rack by the front wheel, it seems to me that when the bicycle is carrying heavy bags on the rear rack, the bike becomes very unstable in such racks and there is a heavy load on the front wheel.

When I secured my bike, I went to the nearest entrance, which leads to the upper decks. All these big ferries remind me of shopping malls in which there is entertainment for every taste. There are bars and slot machines and even shops.

Bicycle Touring in Finland: Turku-Stockholm Ferry

Turku-Stockholm Ferry Price

The most inexpensive ticket for the ferry Turku-Stockholm can be bought on the ferry that sails in the morning, the cost of such ticket is around 13-15 euros and around 10 euros for a bicycle. If you want to sail on the evening ferry that arrives in Stockholm at about 6 am or you want a cabin, then you will have to buy a ticket for 90+ euros.

But for 90+ euro, you will have a cabin in which you can sleep. However, for 90 euros this will be the simplest and budgetary option, for a more comfortable cabin you will need to pay an addition 47+ euros.

Behind these doors are the cabins.

Post Image: Turku-Stockholm Ferry Cabins

Below is a photo from my previous trip that was in 2013. Silja Line’s shared cabin.

Bicycle Touring in Finland: Silja Line Shared Cabin

Viking Line: Pets

Viking Line loves pets, so they made a special toilet for dogs. If during the journey your dog will want to do some “business”, then your dog will be able to do it at this place.

Bicycle Touring in Finland: Viking Line Ferry Toilet for Dogs

Turku-Stockholm Ferry Upper Deck

The upper deck is very windy, so prepare your jackets. There are some bars in which you can buy yourself some drinks and probably some food and sit down on a bench, enjoying the view of the water. However, I was cold there, so I quickly left this deck.

Bicycle Touring in Finland: Turku-Stockholm Ferry

In my last trip, I sailed on the night ferry and there was much more entertainment. On the daytime ferry, it is very quiet, and there is almost no concerts, discos, and other entertainment. So, if you want to see all entertainments, then take the ferry that sails all night. It’s a great experience.

But this time I traveled with my bicycle, I was very tired, so I was not up for entertainment. I found a place where there were many seats for passengers and fell asleep there until the commander said that we would soon be in Stockholm.

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